The Holy Books

Dear brothers and sisters,

Typically, the first three Holy Books are bound together, and can in fact be divided up into 5 categories, as presented below.

The History Book is a part of the Taurat and (over the course of several volumes) details the history of the Jewish people from the time of Isua (Joshua), Musa’s (Moses) successor until the Jewish exile from Darusalam (Jerusalem) at the hands of the Assyrians around the year 400 B.C.E.

The Prophets’ Book is found in what is usually considered the Mazmur and contains the writings of prophets from the time of Yasaya (Isaiah) to Malakai (Malachi). The Kitabu Injil is often found bound alone, but the Taurat and Mazmur are almost never bound seperately from the Injil, except by the Jewish community, who bind together the Taurat and Mazmur, as well as other significant historical and prophetic writings.

Here, I have tried to present a search access to the 3 books (or five, if you will) for the researcher’s reference and comparison purposes. I would encourage the reader to study the full passage in which any given verse is found to prevent the accidental misquoting or out-of-context quoting that frequently becomes a cause of division amongst all the People of the Book.

“And if my servants ask you about Me, I am indeed close;
I respond to the prayer of one who calls on Me when he/she calls.”
(Quran 2:186)
Rasul ‘ulLah (SAW) said that of all in Jannah and Dunia he was closest to Isa!