Testimony of the Qur’an

This course is composed of a series of topical studies on the Holy Quran. Its purpose is to take readers into the Quran to see for themselves what it says on these different subjects. For that reason, it is necessary for anyone wishing to work through this study course to have access to the Holy Quran. Depending on which translation is used in the study, there may be instances where ayat (verse) numbers do not agree with those given since different translators sometimes use slightly different numbering systems. Thus, should a verse not seem to relate to the topic of study, read the immediate context from a few verses before the verse to a few verses after to see if it is simply a difference in numbering. It may be that the actual verse intended is simply numbered slightly different in your translation.

In actually completing the studies, the procedure is as follows. In each topic examined, a topic heading is given. Under that heading, Quranic verses are listed dealing with that topic. For brevity, the Sura names are not given, simply the Sura number followed by the verse number. Thus, the reference 5:23,24 refers to the twenty-third and twenty-forth verses of the fifth Sura. Similarly, 48:3-6 refers to verses three to six in the forty-eighth Sura. After the Quranic reference is given, a space is provided for you to summarize in your own words what the passage says on the topic in question.

In many cases you will simply be expected to summarize in your own words the main message of the verse in question. However, sometimes there will be additional questions asked relating to the verse. In most cases, the answers to these questions will be clearly stated in the verse under study.

In addition to the Quranic references, there are also usually references given to the previous scriptures. Where such references occur, the procedure is the same as for Quranic references. Simply look at the passage and summarize its message in your own words. If additional questions relating to the passage are given, you should answer them from the information in the passage under question.

Finally, in some questions you will be asked to state your own ideas or conclusions after examining the different passages or to give your own experience relating to a certain issue. In those cases you will be expected simply to record your own thoughts and experience. For such questions there are no right or wrong answers.

Lesson 1 — The Quran’s Testimony about Previous Scriptures
Lesson 2 — The Quran’s Testimony about Prophets and Sin
Lesson 3 — The Quran’s Testimony about Rasul ‘ulLah (SAW) and His Work
Lesson 4 — The Quran’s Testimony about Isa al-Masih
Lesson 5 — The Quran’s Testimony about the Followers of Isa al-Masih
Lesson 6 — The Quran’s Testimony about the Sovereignty of Allah Taala (SWT)
Lesson 7 — The Quran’s Testimony about Fighting and Warfare
Lesson 8 — The Quran’s Testimony about Various Topics