The Way of Truth

This course consists of 13 studies covering a variety of topics, including the nature of sin, the grace of Allah, and Al-Kitab’s teaching about Prophet Isa Al-Masih.

Lesson One — Trustworthiness of Al-Kitab
Lesson Two — Truths and Misconceptions about Al-Kitab
Lesson Three — Creation, Fall and Sin
Lesson Four — Man’s Condition as a Sinner
Lesson Five — The Law
Lesson Six — Grace Arrangements
Lesson Seven — Allah Taala’s (SWT) Grace to Prophet Ibrahim
Lesson Eight — The Background of Sacrifice
Lesson Nine — Prophet Isa Al-Masih
Lesson Ten — Death and Resurrection
Lesson Eleven — The Second Coming of Isa
Lesson Twelve — Becoming a Child of Allah Taala (SWT)
Lesson Thirteen — Heaven and Hell