Important Terms found in the Quran


The following topics and verses {including Allah / Allah’s word / Mohammed / Women / Heaven / Hell / Isa al-Masih / and more} as found in Mohammed Marmaduke Pickthall’s The Meaning of the Glorious Koran, have been compiled in order to assist the student of Islam in quickly locating some of the more popular and relevant Quranic subjects. I haveIncluding Allah / Allah’s word / Mohammed / Women / Heaven / Hell / Isa al-Masih / and more…


4:171 Allah is only one Allah and do not say “three”. Far removed is it from Allah to have a son.
14:4 He leads astray whom He will.
112:1-4 Allah does not beget nor is begotten.
29:46 Allah is Islam and Christianity is the same.
3:54 Allah is the best of schemers.
5:72, 73 Trinity
57:4; 13:2 Allah mounts the Throne.
22:61 Allah hears and sees.
4:164 Allah spoke directly to Moses.
48:10 The Hand of Allah.
38:76 Allah has two hands.
2:163 Allah is one Allah.
4:78 Predestination. All is from Allah.
15:26 Man created out of black mud.
15:27 Jinn was created out of fire.
25:59 Six day creation.
40:60 Allah answers prayer.

Allah’s Word

10:65 Scripture is revealed from the Lord in truth and there is nothing that can change His words.
10:95 Mohammed is to check with those who received prior Scripture.
41:43 Nothing is said to Mohammed that was not said to the messengers before him.
3:69-72 Some of the people of the Scripture caused people to go astray.
2:106 Allah abrogates and causes His word to be forgotten.


3:31 Mohammed is a model to be followed and then Allah will forgive man’s sins if they follow Mohammed.
67:1-5 Pickthall notes, pp. 405-406; Bukhari Vol. 3, pp. 387-388. Describes the private life of Mohammed and comments on polygamy and stresses the humanness of Mohammed.
33:28-34 Model behaviour of Mohammed’s wives.
33:50-52 Multiple wives.
33:53 Mohammed’s wives cannot remarry.
33:37-38 Adopted sons Zeyd divorces his wife and Mohammed marries her and Allah pronounces it legal.
17:1 Mohammed’s night journey.
7:157 Mohammed can neither read nor write.
7:157 Mohammed is described in the Torah and the Gospel.
61:6 Mohammed is prophesied by Isa Almasih. His name will be “praised one”, i.e., “Ahmed”.
47:19 Mohammed is to ask for forgiveness for his sin.


4:177 Inheritance laws. Male receives twice as much as female.
24:31 Modesty.
33:59 Women to draw cloaks around them.
2:222 Menstruation is an illness. (!)
2:223 Women are a tilth to cultivate so go to them as you will.
23:1-7 Permitted to have sex with slaves.
24:60 Older women can discard clothing (the word “outer” is an addition).
4:129 One cannot deal equally between wives.
4:3 Can marry up to four wives, but you must do justice to them.
37:22-23 Women seem to be judged on the basis of their husband’s sins.
2:230 If a Muslim divorces his wife, he cannot remarry her until she marries another husband and divorces him.
2:235 Sex can be had only after uttering a certain ritual of words.
4:124 Women believers will enter Paradise.
4:34 Men are in charge of wives. They can be admonished, banished to another bed, and also scourged.
4:24 Can marry captives who are already married.
4:25 Muta or temporary marriage.


18:31-32 Gardens of Eden and thrones.
37:41-49 Wine and women.
76:12-21 Being served by youths of everlasting youth.
71:15 Seven heavens.
52:20 Weddings in heaven.
47:15 Rivers of wine.


18:30 Showers of molten lead.
8:50 Smiting of faces and backs.
19:68-72 Everyone goes to hell for a time.
10:56 Skins are consumed and exchanged.
2:217 The apostate goes to hell.

Isa Almasih

19:15-35 Isa Almasih is virgin born and a perfect man and a faultless son.
5:116 Here is the idea of the trinity being Allah, Mary, and Isa Almasih.
5:110 Isa Almasih giving life to a clay bird, healing the blind and the leper, and raising the dead.
3:45; 4:171 Isa Almasih as a word from Allah.
3:37-59 Various good verses on Isa Almasih.
5:75 Isa Almasih only a messenger of Allah.
4:157-158 Isa Almasih not crucified, but taken to heaven by Allah.
43:61 The “hour” refers to Christ’s return.


4:103 Worship forms and “fixed hours”.
2:256 No compulsion in religion.
24:2 100 stripes for the adulterer and adulteress.
4:15-17 House confinement for adultery. Requires 4 witnesses.
2:177 Righteousness described. It is not just turning faces to East or West to worship.
4:43 Do not pray when drunk.
5:38-39 Cut off hands of men and women thieves.
2:142-144 Turn toward Mecca in prayer. No longer turn toward Jerusalem.
96:19 Prostration in prayer.
244 Religious warfare is ordained for Muslims.
4:28 Man was created weak.
20:130 Five times of prayer.
5:5 Christian food and Christian women are permissible for Muslims.

19:97-98 Gog and Magog.
9:5-6 “Slay the idolaters”, or they can repent and pay the poor tax.
3:103 Hold fast to the cable of Allah.
3:118 Only be friends with Muslims.
5:51 Do not take Jews and Christians as friends.
29:9 Salvation by belief and good works.
54:1-3 The splitting of the moon.
22:34-37 Qurbani (sacrifice) Festival.
5:6 Ablutions.
2:183-187 Rules for the Ramadan Fast.
2:253 Rohu’ulLah.
3:110 Muslims are the best community.
5:3 Forbidden foods including blood and swine.
5:45 Eye for an eye.
36:47-52 Judgement and Resurrection Day.